Good content

Good content is a very important factor if you want to rank in Google. The search engine has become ever more skilled at detecting god content and giving it a boost. It is possible to rank a website with poor content but it is a lot easier to do with good content. Good content is content that gives the visitor what he was looking for. Exactly what this means depends on the niche you are in and what keyword you are looking to rank for. In some cases, this can be a short answer to a question or information about where to find a particular product cheaply. In other cases, it might be a detailed analysis of a topic.


Write long content

Generally speaking, it can be said that longer content ranks better in Google. A large percentage of the pages that rank in the top ten for competitive terms has more than 2000 words. This is not true for all niches but it shows that it usually is best to try to write comprehensive articles. Do not break the topic down into many small narrow articles. This was a good idea a few years ago but today one comprehensive article is a better idea.

You should never pad the texts you write. Do not make texts longer than they have. Articles should be long because they are comprehensive and contains a lot of information. Not because you tried to write a long essay and padded it.

If your article is better than all other although it is half the length than that is alright.

Make sure to write short passages and add many subheaders in your article. A good rule is to make sure that no passage of text is more than 150 words and that you have a subheader every 300 words or more often.

Provide sources

Make sure to provide resources for the information that you cite in the article. This helps the article seem more trustworthy and makes it easier for your visitor to continue researching the topic if you did not provide the answer he or she was looking for. You can either chose to cite your sources as links in the text or you can list them at the end of the article.

Google likes sites that provide their sources, and this will increase your trust rating, which in turn can improve your ranking.

Do not be afraid to link out

illustrationsA lot of webmaster tries to avoid linking to other websites because they want to keep the link juice on their site. This is a mistake. Google is built around links, and you should never be afraid to link to other quality websites. Doing so will help prove that you are a high-quality website that focuses on providing the best user experience possible. Linking to other high-quality websites shows which company you want to keep and can help you improve your ranking. It is not uncommon to see a page climb in the SERP after adding links to other quality websites.

Google Webmaster guidelines say that you should act as Google did not exist. This is 50% true. You should link to other quality websites as if Google didn’t exist but always make sure that a website is in Google’s good graces before you link to it. Do not link to sites that google seem to dislike. If google think a website is untrustworthy, then they can think yours is to if you link to it.

In short. Links to good websites are good, links to bad websites are bad.

Add pictures and illustrations

Good content contains pictures, illustration, and other media. Ideally, you should use your own custom illustrations and pictures but the most important thing is that you provide the reader with media that break up the text and make it more captivating. Try to use illustrations or videos to explain any hard to understand the topic. Add ass many illustrations and illustrative pictures as possible without repeating yourself.

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