Evaluate links

It is essential to evaluate potential links before you decide to get them. Do not waste time trying to get links from low-quality websites with little or no trust. Doing so is a waste of time and resources as best and might hurt your website if you are unlikely. Getting low-quality links to your site can hurt your rankings, at least in the short term. The long term effect of low-quality links is usually less pronounced as long as you stop building them and focus on building quality links to a quality website.

On this page, I am going to teach you about some of the most important things to think about when you evaluate links. Evaluating links is a skill and exactly what you are looking for depends on what type of website you are building links for. A link that is a good fit for one site might not be a good fit for another. You will find it easier and easier to evaluate links as you build more and more of them.

The type of link

evaluate linksThe first thing you should consider is what type of link you are considering acquiring. The best possible link is an intext link from an article that is relevant to the topic of the page you want to link to. This will give you the biggest boost in the SERP.

There are other types of links such as comment links, forum signature link, member profile links and a number of other links that offer very little value and that you should generally avoid. I do not recommend that you waste time trying to get this type of links. You should read more about the types of links you should avoid here.

The quality of the website

The quality of the site that you want to get a link from is an important factor to consider. A link from a high-quality website is always to be preferred over a link from a low-quality website.

The website should preferably be about the same topic as your website or about a related subject to that of your website. IE if you build links for a website about bows then the perfect links will come from a website about bows but links from related sites such as websites about arrows, weapons, medieval warfare, and hunting will also be good options.

With this said. A link from a quality website is a link from a quality website and will always add value regardless of how closely connected the two topics are.

The link profile of the linking site


The link profile of the linking site is another important factor to consider. The website that you want to get a link from should have as strong a link profile as possible. Ie the more and better sites that are linking to it the better. Make sure that the link profile consists of natural high-quality backlinks. Refrain from getting links from websites that have a lot of links from the types of sites that I say that you should avoid. The link profile might look strong but might provide very little value.

Use a tool such as Majestic, Ahref or MOZ to evaluate the link profile of the sites you want to get links from. These tools are all expensive but well worth their cost if you are serious about building a successful website.

Language and global recognition

Your main goal should be to build links from other websites in the same language as your own. But building links from sites on the same topic in other languages can also be a good idea. This will help you rank better and will help prove that your website has global recognition as an authority in the field.

Some guides recommend against getting links from websites in other languages but I strongly disagree with this. I believe doing so can be very beneficial when it can be done in a natural way.

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